Delicious Thai pork rissoles

August 7th, 2014


1 chopped onion

1 tablespoon crushed garlic

2 heaped tablespoons red curry paste

500g pork mince

as much chopped coriander as you like, I use heaps!

as much salt as you like


In a pan with coconut oil, fry the onion for about 2 minutes, add garlic and saute for about a minute, then add red curry paste and saute for about 2 more minutes.

Add to the pork mince with the salt and coriander.

Form into rissoles and fry in coconut oil until done.

I serve mine with my curried carrot fritters and shredded cucumber.

Here’s a link to the curried carrot fritters


A twist on T-Roy’s famous mayonnaise

August 7th, 2014

Last week I whipped up a batch of my mayo and made a couple of little changes that really made the flavour pop!

At the start, I added to the eggs;

1/4 chopped spanish onion

1 teaspoon crushed garlic

a few decent sprigs of parsley

a good couple of dashes of “masterfoods pizza topper”

Basically the pizza topper is a mixture of dried marjoram, basil, oregano, parsley, thyme, capsicum, garlic, salt, allspice, turmeric, chilli and pepper. So you could mix all those things in separately if you like.

Then you just blend it all together and proceed as per the original recipe.

If you are not sure of my recipe, here is the original;

T-Roy’s famous mayonnaise

2 eggs

1 teaspoon dijon mustad



approx 50ml white vinegar

approx 250ml extra light olive oil ( if you use the virgin, it will be too overpowering in flavour)

Mix the eggs, salt & pepper to taste and vinegar in a long narrow container, then using a stick blender, slowly drizzle the oil in as you emulsify it into the egg mixture. The oil must mix into the eggs as soon as it hits the eggs, otherwise it will split the mixture.

If the mayo gets too thick, add a dash of cold water. If it is too thin, slowly add more oil until it reaches the consistency you want.

Check the flavour and see if it needs more seasoning or vinegar.

Yummy breakfast hash

August 7th, 2014

I just whipped up this delicious breakfast hash.

I made a portion for a male who doesn’t want to lose weight, so you can adjust the amount of potato or carrot you would use based on your gender/goals.


2 medium potatoes

1 medium carrot

2 rashers of eye bacon

1/2 small onion

Troy’s special seasoning

Fresh thyme


In a small non stick omelette pan, saute chopped onion and bacon for about a minute

Add grated potato, carrot, seasoning and thyme

Cover with a lid to allow it to saute and steam at the same time on a low heat.

You will need to cook it for about 10 minutes and keep flipping it and mixing it up fairly constantly, but covering it with the lid when your not moving it around.

When it’s cooked and you’re ready to serve it, turn the heat up, brown one side, flip it, brown the other side and serve.

Soooo good!

Quick and healthy lunch

December 2nd, 2013

Chicken satay with curried carrot fritters

Firstly cook your chicken breast strips in a little coconut oil.

My satay sauce is simple, I just mix together 2 parts peanut butter and 1 part coconut milk. I add a little to the chicken just at the end of cooking and the rest I use to coat the chicken as soon as it comes out of the pan. Due to the high fat content, it can split if you try to reheat it.

For the carrot fritters, grate your carrots and cook in a little bit of coconut oil in a pan with a lid on.

Once cooked, mix in a bowl with some curry powder, a pinch of salt and the beaten egg (1 egg per 1 – 2 carrots)

Form into fritter shapes and fry in a little coconut oil.


P.S I sometimes add finely sliced snow peas or celery when you cook the grated carrot.

Breaking down your weight loss goals

November 14th, 2013

For some people the task of losing weight and getting fit can be quite daunting, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose.

It is easy to say ” I want to lose 20kg’s” and then never do anything about it because it is such a massive task, so why not break down your overall goal into several mini goals.

The best way to tackle weight loss for the long term is to aim for 2kg’s per month.

I can hear what you are saying right now…”2 kg’s a month isn’t much”

Well, 2kg’s a month is more than what you are losing right now and it is more than you would lose if you didn’t attempt 2kg’s next month, so if you manage to eat sensibly, exercise regularly and lose more than 2kg’s without doing anything faddish and extreme, then good for you. Otherwise, make some small changes and aim for that 2kg’s. By the end of a year, you would have lost 24kg’s. Or, don’t aim for those 2kg’s and still be the same weight or bigger in a year.

So what can you do to lose the 2kg’s each month? Here’s my top 5;

1) Eat meals balanced with carbs, protein and fat in a ratio of 40:30:30. Get the majority of your carbohydrates from vegetables, salads and fruits.

2) Eliminate as much sugar from your diet as possible. Never drink soft drinks either diet or regular.

3) Exercise regularly. Aim for 5 sessions a week. Make sure you vary your routine.

4) Limit alcohol to special occasions and even then don’t go crazy. Be realistic about what is a special event and what is you just thinking alcohol is a reward for a hard days work.

5) Be active. Live the lifestyle of someone who deserves to be fit and healthy, a lifestyle that involves going out and doing active things. Ride a bike, go for a bush walk, go swimming, go kayaking, play sport. We are coming into Summer and the great outdoors have never been better than this time of year, so get out and enjoy it.

We are only into the second week in November, so let’s aim for 2kg’s gone by the end of the month. We are coming into December and party season, so you have to be even more focussed if you don’t want to gain weight over that period.

Do you want to go into 2014 fatter or thinner?

Do you want to walk down the beach proud or self conscious?

The answer to both of those questions is obvious, so stop kidding yourself and get started now! Not tomorrow, today!

Simple yet effective food guidelines…

October 1st, 2013

Here are my simplest guidelines for shredding that bodyfat that just seems too hard to lose.

These are not complicated guidelines, they are not overly restrictive guidelines, but they are simple and very effective!

If you can follow them to the letter and you want more, then contact me and I will give you more restrictive guidelines, but be aware, that when you make your diet too restrictive, you set yourself up for failure in the long run unless you are one of the lucky few who have super strong willpower.

Your eating should be easily incorporated into everyday life.

These guidelines are so easy to follow, you should almost never have to break them;

  • No soft drink ever
  • No bottled fruit juice ever
  • Alcohol only once or twice per week
  • Sweets only once or twice per week- ice cream, chocolate, cakes etc
  • No lollies or cookies or chocolates from a jar at work, it is completely unnecessary
  • Encourage your workplace to have fruit or healthy options for the ever present morning and afternoon teas
  • If you have cake or the like at work for a morning or afternoon tea, then make sure it is counted in your 1 or 2 sweet treats per week
  • No sugar in tea or coffee (or at least reduce the amount)
  • No dried fruit, it is not a health food
  • Vegetables and salad should make up the bulk of your carbohydrates
  • Consume some protein and fat at every meal
  • Pasta, bread, rice and potato are condiments to accompany a meal of protein and vegetables or salad. They are not the main component to a meal and should only take up 1/3 of the plate or less.
  • Look for lower sugar varieties of yogurt as they can have lots of hidden sugar
  • Never have artificial sweeteners. They are bad chemicals and they trigger the brain to crave sweet things

And there you have it. I am not telling you to get rid of anything that an adult really enjoys, I am just giving you some parameters to stay within. I think that is fair, but you need to stay in those parameeters. If it says alcohol once or twice a week, then don’t have it three times. But if for some reason you do exceed your limits, then you need to take it off next weeks allowance.

Get set for better health and achieving your optimal bodyfat levels.

Let’s get overweight people moving!

October 1st, 2013

This morning I had 2 ideas that I needed to get out there. They are both along similar lines, so I thought I would just put them into one easy to read blog. Enjoy!

This morning whilst taking my bootcamp class, I looked at another group of women just next to us in the park. Then I looked down towards another group of men in a class. The one thing I noticed is that not one of them was overweight or looked unfit.

Oddly enough, this didn’t sit well with me. Where are all the overweight people?

Unfortunately I think I have an idea of where they are…tucked up in bed, sleeping before embarking on another day where they don’t do any exercise.

I am very happy to say that I have all shapes and sizes in my bootcamp, but I would love to help more people who need it most. Even though I think I know the answer to this, I hope overweight people don’t avoid group training because they think they won’t fit in.

Some how we need to help people make that start. We need to help people who need it most get off their butts and stick with regular exercise.

Some people just don’t know where to start. This may be hard for you to understand because you’ve never been in that situation, but it is very easy to get stuck in a rut and not know how or where to begin.

So if you have someone in your life that needs some help, please subtly give them some encouragement to start moving.

Last week I had a minor operation and as such, I wasn’t supposed to exercise for a week and lift weights for two weeks. Today is day 7 and I was extremely surprised at how desperate I had become to do some exercise.

I have to admit, I don’t do the hardest workouts sometimes, but what I do do, is exercise regularly. I normally work out 6 days per week in some way shape or form. I haven’t had a week off exercising since the last minor operation I had 3 years ago, so it hasn’t really been at the front of my mind just how much regular exercise is addictive.

During my run this morning, I got to thinking about people who don’t exercise at all. I feel very strongly that everyone needs to do some form of exercise most days per week.

There are so many things out there that anyone can do, you just need to find something that you enjoy and will give you health benefits.

So I’m going to keep this simple, if you are someone or you know someone who doesn’t do any exercise at all, why not get out today and do something active. Obviously the more structured your exercise regimen is the more benefits you will see, but if you are not in that head space yet, just get out and doing something active that you enjoy, because often doing some form of exercise can motivate you to become more and more active.

Why aren’t you losing weight?

September 5th, 2013

Is weight loss your goal?

If so, read on…

Sometimes when you eat well and train hard, you think it’s ok to spoil yourself with a weekend or even a midweek splurge.

Sometimes knowing how much to spoil yourself is a bit of a grey area, so what I want to do is convert the theory of your weight loss into something tangible. Money!

Let’s say you want to save for a holiday. (Lose 10kg)

Every week you have a budget that you can spend on yourself. Let’s say $200. (This is the calories you can eat and stay the same)

In order to save for the holiday, you have to save some of that money each week. (Eat better and less each week)

Let’s say you manage to save $50 during the week. Get to the weekend and don’t spend a cent. You have $50 for your holiday. (No junk food on the weekend and maybe a kilo off the scales)

Let’s say you spend a little on the weekend, maybe $20. You have $30 for your holiday. (A little junk food and still a small loss on the scales)

Let’s say you decide to have a big weekend and wax the entire $50. No savings towards the holiday this week. (No weight loss)

Or, heaven forbid, let’s say you have a huge weekend and dip into savings. You spend $50 out of your savings and you are now $50 behind going into the next week. You need to save extra money for 1 or possibly more weeks just to get back to where you were at the start of last week! (You’re in trouble! You will have gained weight!)

Pretty simple really, basically you need to have loads of weeks where on the weekend you spend little or none of the money you save during the week. (Eat little or no junk food)

If you decide that you want to lash out excessively every weekend and can’t understand why you’re being so good during the week, yet getting nowhere with your weight loss? Well now you know. Much simpler when you think about it this way!

Some weeks have no cheat days (spend nothing), some weeks have small cheat days (spend a little) and when the occasion calls for it, do whatever you want (dip into your savings), but if you have an occasion where you do whatever you want, make sure you eat better (save extra money and spend almost no cash) the following week to make up for it!

Make a Winter’s resolution

July 2nd, 2013

Two of the most common fitness advertisements are:

“Make your new years fitness resolutions now” End of December, start of January.


“Get in shape now for Summer” September, October, November.

Both of these statements are good because they encourage people to look after their health. But really, it is far more important to be healthy all year round!

One of the hardest times to stay fit, healthy and in general good shape is Winter.

Why is that?

Well let’s have a think about it…

*It’s cold in Winter, bed is far more appealing.

*It’s cold in Winter, comfort food dominates our diet.

*It’s cold in Winter, we wear so many layers, we forget what we look like under all those clothes.

*It’s cold in Winter, Summer is a long way away, which means bikinis and board shorts seem like forever away.

But then…..

The weather warms up, we see the ads.

Get in shape now for Summer!!! We freak out and decide to embark on a new and exciting diet and fitness regimen. Summer comes, we left our run too late, it now becomes a new years resolution, we try another fad diet and the next fitness regimen that will work better than the last…

Need I go on?

I think you get it.

This year, next year and every year after that, make a Winter’s resolution. Yes it’s a little colder, yes it’s a little darker out, but yes it is a necessary part of a healthy balanced life to be fit and healthy all year round!

Cheap Paleo ebooks & cookbooks

April 3rd, 2013

I have just been put onto an awesome offer from the guys at Paleo Plan. They’re offering 30 various ebooks, meal plans and subscriptions for $39. So if you’re looking for some help or motivation with what to eat, why to eat it and how to cook it, this is awesome. They’re only offering this for 6 days, then it’s back to original cost for all the products, so check it out, all the info they sent me is below and it looks pretty good to me :)

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